Frequently Asked Questions

How does JoJoTM work?

JoJoTM lets you find and pre-order coffee from the best independent coffee shops near you, with a few clicks on your phone. No more waiting in lines or fumbling with your wallet or credit cards. All you need to do is download JoJoTM from the App Store, sign up, and load money into your JoJoTM Balance. You can then search for your favorite cafes, place an order, and pay with your available JoJoTM Balance.

And for every dollar you spend on any of our participating cafes, you earn 2 beans. What are the beans worth, you ask? Collect 120 beans and get a $5 reward credited into your JoJoTM Balance. You can redeem this reward at any participating coffee shops within our JoJoTM Partner Network!

How do I order & pay with JoJoTM?

We are glad you asked! There are two easy ways for you to order & pay at your favorite independent coffee shops using JoJoTM.


Can I try JoJoTM for FREE?

Absolutely! Heck, we will also pay for your first cup of coffee. Just download the JoJoTM app, sign up using Facebook, Google or your email, and we will give you a $5 FREE credit on your JoJoTM Balance. You can use this free money at any of our participating coffee shops. You will need to enter your credit card information to use the app, but you won’t be charged for your first order upto $5.

How do I use my $5 JoJoTM Reward?

It is super easy. Just download the JoJoTM app from the App Store, sign up, and find an independent coffee shop near you. Select the item you want from their menu, pick a size, add-ons (if applicable), and place the order. You will see a notification or a message giving you an average time after which your order will be ready for pick-up. It is usually no more than 8-10 minutes. Just walk into the store, grab your drink and go. No wallet, no hassle!

Do I need an internet connection to use JoJoTM?

Yes, JoJoTM app requires a WiFi or Cellular connection to work. We all know that cellular connections pick the worst times to flake out. But the good news is that most of our participating coffee shops have free WiFi for you to use in-store.

What can I buy using JoJoTM?

You can buy any beverage or food item listed in the in-app menus of our participating coffee shops. And there’s loads of options to choose from.

Where can I see my JoJoTM order history?

Your order history is always accessible to you in the app. Just click on the app menu (located at the top left of the screen), and then click on My JoJoTM. You will land on your personalized JoJoTM screen, where you can see your Order History, Rewards Earned, current JoJoTM Balance, and more!

How do I change the credit card on my account?

You can add or remove credit cards, change payment information, and more, simply by clicking on the “Manage” button on your My JoJoTM screen. Once you come to the “Manage” screen, click on “Edit Payment Methods” option to manage your credit card information.

There’s another way to manage your credit cards on JoJoTM. Click on the app menu icon, click on “Account” and then select the option “Payment”.

Can I buy food using JoJoTM?

Yes! Anything you see on the in-app menus of participating coffee shops is yours to order and enjoy.

How can I load money into my JoJoTM Balance? Can I use Apple Pay?

Navigate to My JoJoTM screen listed within the app menu. Then, click on “Reload” and select the amount of money you would like to load into your balance. You will have to add a payment method before you can reload your JoJoTM Balance. Just click on “Add Payment Method” button on the “Reload” screen to add your credit card information.

You can now use Apple Pay to reload your JoJoTM Balance.

How do I set up auto-reload for my JoJoTM Balance?

Navigate to My JoJoTM screen listed within the app menu. Then, click on “Manage” and toggle “Auto-Reload” option on. Every time your JoJoTM Balance falls before $5, it will auto-reload by your chosen amount. You can change your Auto-reload preferences anytime, simply by turning it off on the “Manage” screen.

How do I find the closest cafes on JoJoTM?

If you allow JoJoTM to access your location while you use the app, it will automatically show you the closest independent coffee shops every time you open it and land on the map screen. However, if you do not want to share your location, you can also search by typing in an address on the search bar within the map screen.

Can I still use JoJoTM if my GPS is turned off?

Absolutely! Just type in your address on the search bar within the map screen. Our interactive map will show you all the fabulous independent coffee shops closest to the address of your search.

Can I use JoJoTM if I am not in Vancouver, BC?

Currently, JoJoTM only works in Vancouver. But believe us when we tell you that we are working around the clock to expand JoJoTM in as many cities as possible. Stay tuned! While we are at it, we would love to hear your suggestions. Would you like to use JoJoTM in your city? Reach out to us at contact@orderjojo.com for feedback or suggestions.

I own a coffee shop. How do I become a JoJoTM Partner?

We are always on the lookout for great neighborhood coffee shops to add to our JoJo Partner Network. If you would like to partner up with JoJoTM, go to orderjojo.com and fill out a short form. Or just email us at contact@orderjojo.com, and we will reach out to you!

Can’t find what you were looking for?

No worries. Feel free to contact us anytime. We will strive to answer all your questions as best as we can!